Full Service Postal Center

"I was standing in line at the post office the other day to mail a birthday package to my sister. After about fifteen minutes of waiting in line, I looked in front of me, only to see that I was still at least six people away from the front. I had already spent days trying to find the perfect gift for my sister (which ended up being one of those magic bullet blenders for her new apartment), going out and buying wrapping paper and a perfect card that I thought was just the right combination of funny and thoughtful, and now I was spending close to a half an hour just waiting in line! Something that had started out as a fun endeavor, was now turning into a time-consuming chore.

My boyfriend has been using Vail Ranch Self-Storage for years, and he told me that I should check out their postal center. I had no idea that postal service was even something that they offered, but the next time I needed to mail a package, I went straight to Vail Ranch. I was in and out of there in about five minutes max! I was able to compare the shipping prices among Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS, which was a real bonus."

Vail Ranch is a full-service postal center, Notary Public, office and moving supplies store, and you can rent your own mailbox. Renting a personal mailbox would be a perfect option for a small business like ones that work out of their home, because you don't have to give out your personal address for business matters. The best part is that your mailbox doesn't simply have a P.O. box number, but it also has a persoanl address.

They also have this service called "My Digital Doorman". It is a service that sends updates to your email or phone. So, if you receive a package or have mail in my mailbox, you automatically know without needing to make the trip to check.