Why Choose VRSS as Your Wine Storage Facility?

Vail Ranch Self Storage, a premium self-storage since 1998. We began catering to a specific need for our community in creating the perfect environment for the storage of wine. Today, we are licensed by the ABC (Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) and are one of the few facilities in California bonded by ATT&T (Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tax, Tobacco and Trade). Wine Storage is important for individual wine collectors, winegrowers, wineries and the like to protect and preserve their investments as well as providing a proper environment for wine to age.

According to many wine enthusiast the 3 most important factors of wine storage are:

1. Temperature

"Probably the most important factor to consider. Suggested wine storage temperature is 50F to 60F. Maintaining that temperature in your house would probably freeze you to death and substantially increase your energy bills."

"Another factor to temperature is direct sunlight because it presents two problems, light and heat. Both of these can be damaging to the wine and cause unnecessary variations in temperature."

At Vail Ranch Wine Storage, our temperatures are consistently kept between 55 and 57 degrees.

2. Vibration

"Another potential disaster is storage in an area with heavy foot traffic, near household appliances or anything that can create vibrations. Wine is delicate and its components can break down over time if exposed to heavy vibration. This is why an old refrigerator does not make a good wine cellar. First, the highest setting is probably too cold for red wines, and secondly, refrigerators are not dampened against vibration from the cooling unit."

We use Insulation to provide constant protection from fluctuations in temperature and other elements throughout the year.

3. Oxidation

"Wines need to be stored either on their side or cork side down to keep the cork from drying out and allowing air to enter through the cork. This can cause excess oxidation."

We know that too much fluctuation in temperature could impact the bottle's cork. The cork, stored with too high temperature, will move up the neck of the bottle leaving more air contact, therefore, when cooled will speed the oxidation process. At our facility the humidity is maintained between 60 and 70 percent.

By storing your wine properly, you are elongating the life and the value of your wine!