Wine Down the Summer - The Benefits of Wine Storage

Whether you are a wine novice or a wine enthusiast, buying wine in bulk is a great way to save money. It is typically cheaper to buy wine by the case rather than the bottle. You can purchase your favorite wine or collection and save a bundle by buying and storing it in a proper wine cellar. Wine cannot be stored in just any storage space. It can go bad fairly easily if not stored properly. If you leave wine upright for too long you risk losing the wine because corks will quickly dry out especially when stored in dry climates. When the cork dries, it could let air in and even begin disintegrating into your wine ruining it completely. Many people turn to self-storage facilities that specialize in wine storage when their collections grow too large to keep on the kitchen wine rack. We offer free flowing air circulates that cool the air and allow humidity into each and every individual locker for the preservation and appropriate aging for your wine investments. Also, wine bought in bulk is usually delivered in a box or crate.

At Vail Ranch Self Storage & Postal Center we accept shipments on your behalf from wine clubs or other orders, as long as you have approved the shipment with the front desk. We would love to assist you with all your wine storage needs. Call (951) 302-0204 or stop by for information.