Store the Old and In With the New!

Wasn't it great to have everyone home for the Holidays? You could use your best table service ware, decorate with those once-a-year decorations that everyone loves and pull out the extra blow-up mattress and blankets. The extra dishes, the extra chairs, the real-looking tree now have to all be packed up and stored again. It's a hassle to do, but we do it every year because we love the season and we love to have our family around.

But the family is gone now and you're stuck wondering how to stuff those nice holiday items back into your garage or storage closet. It is not just the time-honored items either; it's all the new ones you bought this year. And you know that the artificial tree just never goes back into the box as easily as it came out!

Or maybe you're also dreaming of the day the college kids find their own apartment and you get to have your third bedroom made into that dream gym or craft room. In the meantime, their belongings are everywhere. Well, it's time to get organized! Here are some ideas to help you get going.

This is a good time to consider downsizing your collections or reducing the number of items you have. Create a bin or a location near your door for all the items you will donate to resale non-profits. Many will come by and pick up your donations. Also locate a trash bin near the giveaway pile and use it! It's hard for some of us to actually toss something in the garbage, but often times, it's the right thing to do.
Now that you're into the organization you need, consider buying red and green storage boxes (many are on sale at this time), and using these bins to ready your holiday items for storage. Next year, it will be a snap to find the holiday boxes and bring them back into the house. Be sure to label the containers to make it even easier.

Wash all the throw blankets that everyone's been using to be cozy. Also wash all the table linens that you had for your special parties over the past few weeks. Then carefully fold and pack into labeled boxes, ready for storage.

Now tackle the third bedroom! If your son or daughter will be gone to college for the next five or six months, consider packing up their items, labeling the boxes, and moving these boxes into storage as well. This will free up space for a guest room, or sewing, crafts, the elliptical or some other use for that room. Plus, when they do get home, all of their things will be carefully stored and easy to retrieve. It might even be that those boxes will move directly into a new apartment! You never know.

This type of organization adds calm and peacefulness to your life; just what you need after a few weeks of hectic activity. We like that idea: peacefulness and organization. We have just the right spot for your holiday items and boxes.

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