Self-Storage Units Become Santa's Workshop

We knew we had a big problem on our hands when our 12-year-old son ransacked our house looking for the stash of unwrapped Christmas presents. To keep our nosy teenager from finding the baseball bat and guitar we bought him, we decided we had to go out of the house — and into a self-storage unit — to hide the gifts until Christmas Eve.

Around the holidays, these sentiments are echoed throughout the minds of just about every parent. The storage units typically used to store business and household items are becoming temporary outposts for adults to hide and wrap gifts for kids and big-ticket items like televisions or bicycles for spouses. In Temecula, Vail Ranch Self-Storage & Postal Center bills their smaller units as "Santa's Workshops."

"Santa's Workshops" are a great concept because it takes away the worry that the kids are going to find them or hear you wrapping after their bedtime. We cannot risk losing the element of surprise and magic of Christmas Day.

Businesses also store extra inventory in storage facilities around the Holidays. They're gearing up for the shopping season and they may only have room for so much.

Vail Ranch Self-Storage & Postal Center is your 'one- stop- shop' offering packaging and shipping services through UPS, FedEx and USPS for those beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts. Boxes, packing supplies and USPS postage stamps are available as well.

Since Nov. 15, Vail Ranch Self- Storage & Postal Center has offered customers seasonal rent discounts — Rent 1 full month, Get the 2nd half off. The smallest size storage unit is 5 feet by 5 feet and costs $50 a month.

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